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Civil litigation involving trucks, truck maintenance, trailers, forklifts, autos, fleet operations and trucking real estate issues requires the services of knowledgeable experts, from discovery through resolution. I have been actively involved with vehicles since the age of eight, and have dedicated most of my professional career to becoming a truck maintenance expert and managing equipment in large trucking fleets.

The complex aspects of equipment and the associated maintenance programs, regulations, operational issues and problems can be simplified and put into proper perspective by the truck maintenance expert, with the facts reported in concise and understandable terms. You receive the very best information and expert support available, as I work directly with you.

Few experts can match my experience and knowledge of truck specifications, operations, maintenance, and regulations governing commercial vehicles in the United States. You do not have to settle for just a "safety expert" who claims to know equipment and its maintenance. I am one of only fifteen people in Texas to be certified as a "Fleet Maintenance Professional" at the Director Level.

Here are some samples of my work: Created and executed a plan to establish private truck distribution fleets for three chain link fence manufacturing companies. These companies had no in-house distribution, and were built to a fleet of over 50 units to cover 48 states in just one year.

Evaluated and standardized specifications to lower inventory and training costs, improve warranty recovery and efficiency of maintenance operations and increase the resale value of used equipment. This also made possible the interchange of power equipment between four commonly owned fleets, thereby decreasing the total truck & tractor requirements and improving utilization in all fleets.

Developed and implemented a program of regular evaluation and training for heavy truck technicians. This program ensured that technicians were constantly improving their skills and staying abreast of the latest technology. It also provided the company with a constant source of qualified technicians to promote to higher skill level jobs at all times.

Successfully led a team that took a maintenance organization rated as "unsatisfactory" by the California Highway Patrol, to ratings of "satisfactory" and "excellent" in a twelve-month period, improving the profitability and efficiency of the carrier by a revenue increase of more than 10%.

Cost control of parts and tires was accomplished by establishing a central purchasing program for six truck fleets in 10 states with over 100 terminals. Total parts inventory was reduced from over $1mm to under $250,000 with an improvement in equipment utilization and less downtime. Costs for parts and tires were reduced an average of over 20% in the first year of the program.

Served as a trucking expert in securing a $4.4 million judgment for a widow whose husband died of carbon monoxide poisoning while sleeping in his one-month old truck tractor.

Gave testimony in defending a trucking operation's contract with an independent operator who claimed that his profits should have been much higher. This $28.8 million suit was successfully defended and the jury ruled in favor of the trucking company.

In addition, the expert Team Concept of Bredemeyer & Associates saves clients time and money with experts in all aspects of trucking personnel, equipment, facilities, and operations.
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