Tree Safety Expert

Ivan Katzer
Master Arborist

Expert tree consultants and tree safety experts are used by municipalities, utility companies, insurance professionals, the courts and attorneys in such specialties as Personal Injury, Property Damage, Construction Law, Environmental Law, and Real Estate.

Some Areas of Service include:
Electrocution, Utility Pole and Power Line Issues
Utility Easement and Right of Way Complaints
Line of Sight and other Tree Safety Issues 
Tree Accidents Investigation and Accident Reconstruction
Personal Injury related to Tree Defects and Tree Safety
Parks and other Public Areas
Tree Property Value and Plant Damage Assessment
Tree Appraisal and Valuation of Landscape Plants
Tree Inspections and Risk Assessment 
Tree and Neighbor Law Issues: Border and Boundary Line Tree Disputes
Issues of Negligent or Intentional Trespass and Property Damage
Insurance Claim Investigation
Lightning / Storm Damage Evaluation
Tree Preservation During Construction
Loss to Eminent Domain Taking
Litigation Support
Expert Witness Testimony

Example Tree Safety Case: A homeowner had occasionally employed the assistance of a worker to help with various odd jobs on several of his properties. One day he directed the worker to climb a ladder and cut off several branches hanging into the street. The worker fell from the ladder and suffered significant physical injury. The recovery process was long and the worker was unable to engage in regular physical activity. He had no source of income. My assignment was to reconstruct the accident, determine the cause of the fall and evaluate the tree safety issues. It was determined that the work was carried out in a manner that did not comply with generally accepted standards of care and tree safety. While engaged in tree care activities on a ladder, OSHA standards require the individual be secured against a fall. The tree accident was preventable.
Electric Utility, Negligent Trespass, Landscape Installation, Eminent Domain
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