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Listings for Psychiatry & Psychology Expert Witness. Find a Forensic Psychiatrist or Psychologist.

Jennifer Berg, MD -- Psychiatric Expertise - Expertise in psychiatry with specific experience with PTSD, malingering, effects from electrical injury Offices in: CA - will travel out of state

M. Allan Cooperstein PhD, Clinical and Disability - Psychological testing,vocational testing, personal injury, Worker's Compensation,disability,malingering,IMEs,fitness for duty,immigration,product liability,peer reviews. Offices in: PA - will travel out of state

Dr Paul R Abramson - criminal and civil litigation relating to human sexual behavior (, including sexual abuse, incest, sexual harassment, child porn, obscenity, etc.) Offices Nationwide

Anne C Pratt PhD - Experienced clinical and forensic psychologist: * competency to stand trial * criminal responsibility * personal injury * PTSD and trauma-related disorders * fitness for Offices in: CT and MA - will travel out of state

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