Escalator and Elevator Accident Expert

Ronald E. Creak

Elevator and Escalator Accident Expert
NAESA Certified ASME QEI Elevator Safety Inspector
40+-year career spans the elevator and escalator industry

When choosing an escalator and elevator expert, most people will agree it is vitally important to select the right one from the outset. As a previous Corporate Risk Manager for a national self-insured elevator manufacturer and service provider, I learned rather quickly which credentials were absolutely necessary to achieve the level of skill and credibility required to successfully evaluate the various issues of any given case.

First and foremost, an escalator and elevator expert must have hands-on field experience installing, adjusting, maintaining, repairing and trouble-shooting a wide range of elevators and vertical transportation equipment. An added bonus would be if the expert also had experience in supervising and assisting the work of other field technicians, particularly in the area of trouble-shooting difficult field problems.

Second, a thorough and complete understanding of the ASME A17.1 Safety Code for Elevators and Escalators, evidenced by QEI (Qualified Elevator Inspector) certification from the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, is essential. The escalator and elevator accident expert requires complete knowledge of a multitude of other safety codes and regulations, applicable to elevators and vertical transportation..

Third, a long history of specialization in the field of escalator and elevator accident investigation is a significant benefit due to the tremendous amount and value of technical knowledge gained through the investigative process, which is not otherwise available through any other means.

Due to the nature of litigation arising from elevator and escalator accidents, advanced degrees are not necessary for an experienced elevator and escalator accident expert to provide an accurate technical analysis of most all situations. Formal education is important, however, especially the knowledge and experience required to become a licensed elevator technician and obtain QEI certification.

The ideal escalator or elevator accident expert witness will be proficient in all three areas hands-on experience, knowledge of codes and regulations, and experience in investigating elevator accidents.

Ronald E. Creak is an independent consultant, specializing in escalator and elevator accident investigation, claims resolution and expert witness services. He has been involved with more than 2500 cases. Mr. Creak is a NAESA Certified ASME QEI Elevator Safety Inspector. His 40+-year career spans virtually all aspects of the elevator and escalator industry.
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