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Please see these listings in the Automobile Expert Witness category.

Fastener Failure Expert: Fastener Consulting Services, Inc. - Investigations; cars and trucks; testimony in fastener related litigation; applications engineering; fastener seminars and training; import source development; conflict resolution; fastener metallurgy and manufacturing engineering. Offices Nationwide

RITEC International - We provide consultation services for automotive related product liability litigation, specializing in electric and electronics, with particular expertise in so-called “Uninten Offices in: CA - will travel out of state

Accident Engineers - Expert witness engineer accident investigation reconstruction air bags seat belts crane forklifts conveyors marine boilers osha safety violations design defects failure Offices in: AL, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NJ, NY, TN, VA, WV and WY - will travel out of state

Consumer Collision Services Inc. - We specialize in vehicle inspections, for diminished value, substandard collision repair, vehicles with potential previous damage unknown at time of purchase. Offices in: GA - will travel out of state

L.S. Sherman Litigation Consulting, LLC - We help trial attorneys prepare complex litigation by identifying key technical documents,coordinating nummerous testifying experts and locating other similar cases for trial. Offices in: PA - will travel out of state

ETS Inc - Paul A. Tres - Intellectual property, patent disputes, product liability, product quality, failure analysis, factor of safety, personal injury cases - all involving plastic materials. Offices in: MI - will travel out of state

Lewis Pytel Accident Reconstruction Services - 30+ years professional and affordable services including accident reconstruction and analysis, physical evidence evaluation and interpretation, restraint system analysis. Offices in: FL - will travel out of state

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