Gyms, Mountaineering & Rock Climbing Safety Expert

Carl Weil
Wilderness Medicine
(303) 688-5176

Mr. Weil started solo trips in the mountains when he was in grade school. He has covered mountains in the U.S. from coast to coast on both foot and horseback. He has been a team member in two Everest expeditions. He has traveled to and on mountains in the U.S., Mexico, Asia, New Zealand, and Europe. He has also guided in these areas. From 1988 to 2001 he was a professional member of the American Mountains Guides Association as well as the organizationís Risk Manager. He has been a safety speaker on numerous occasions. He has taught mountaineering, rock climbing, and Leave No Trace Trainer programs. He holds a Master of Leave No Trace. His training has included many professional courses such as a nine day roped rescue course from AMSAR, the historical rope rescue leader.

He started the first insurance program to insure rock-climbing gyms in 1988. He then developed mountaineering insurance and guiding programs. He developed both forms and safety guidelines in this field. Many of the professional groups still use his work product. Mr. Weil is a rock climbing safety expert with extensive experience in rock climbing gyms and mountaineering.

His review of a possible case is free for up to ľ hour of time. He has worked as a consultant and expert witness in over 40 states as well as other countries.
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