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Carl Weil
Wilderness Medicine
(303) 688-5176

As a third generation guide Mr. Weil has familiarity with fishing, hunting and sightseeing, having experience from Alaska through the Rockies to the Great Lakes. Mr. Weil is a true expert guide. He has experience with scenic tourism from private carrier, hiking, rail and aerial. He has done risk management reviews of hundreds of businesses in this field. He has designed safety liability programs and property insurance programs for over a dozen insurance companies.

He is familiar with guided hunts as well as drop camp hunts by horse, foot, and recreational vehicles. He is a current NRA instructor, having received his first certificate as NRA instructor in 1967. He was a competitive national marksman in the USMC as well as club and collegiate competition. He has been a worker, range master, and instructor on civilian and military ranges. 

His review of a possible case is free for up to hour of time. He has worked as a consultant and expert witness in over 40 states as well as other countries.
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