Equine and Horse Procedure Expert

Carl Weil
Wilderness Medicine
(303) 688-5176

Mr. Weil was born on a horse Calvary post. He started riding at the age of three and has been involved in most every aspect of the Western and English horse world. He is experienced with all aspects of horse insurance including practical skills from vet work (having attended classes at Colorado State University) to farriering (having been taught by a 10Th Mountain Army farrier). He has worked with horses and mules on the range, in the arena, driving, riding, and showing, as well as with appraisals. As an equine and horse procedure expert, he has designed safety liability programs and property insurance programs for over a dozen insurance companies.

He has written articles in several horse magazines and has been quoted in magazine and book articles in the safety and risk management field. He has been a medic at numerous horse shows on local and national levels. He has done risk management reviews of hundreds of business in this field. He developed both forms and safety guidelines in this field.

His review of a possible case is free for up to hour of time. He has worked as a consultant and expert witness in over 40 states as well as other countries.
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