Camps and Guest Ranches Expert

Carl Weil
Wilderness Medicine
(303) 688-5176

Mr. Weil has worked with camps since his early child hood. These camp experiences include military, religious, organizational, youth, and adult camps. His first job after obtaining his second college degree was directing the Colorado State 4H camp

He has done risk management for hundreds of camps and guest ranches from the East Coast to the West Coast. He has worked common operations such as livery stables as well as the unusual such as cattle drives and wagon trains.
He has worked with small guest ranches and larger, both generalized and specialty. He has designed safety liability programs and property insurance programs for over a dozen insurance companies - a true camps and guest ranches expert.

His review of a possible case is free for up to hour of time. He has worked as a consultant and expert witness in over 40 states as well as other countries.
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