Archery Safety Expert

Carl Weil
Wilderness Medicine
(303) 688-5176

Mr. Weil has extensive experience with carbon fiber arrow personal injury cases of different manufacturers including investigating the way arrows are used as well as the care given to them. For instance, rough treatment can be a possible reason for failure, which Mr. Weil has been able to determine through his investigative questions and inspection methods of arrows, bow and targets. He has pioneered testing with engineering laboratories.

He has handled product liability cases including hunting tree stand equipment, bow design including compound and cross bows, and arrows. 

His familiarity with safe archery practices allows him to determine whether there has been a deviation from good risk management procedures, This familiarity is based on both extensive research and first hand experience over 40 plus years, as well as archery practices in and out of the USA. Most noticeably he has competed in the Himalayas in the kingdom of Bhutan, where archery is the national sport. His personal archery experience dates back to his first longbow in the 1950s.

A true archery safety expert, he has experience running and using archery ranges. This extends from the Olympics to competitive 3D (a form of target archery) to camp archery facilities. He has advised in cases related to most of these areas including instruction and children on archery courses. 

His review of a possible case is free for up to hour of time. He has worked as a consultant and expert witness in over 40 states as well as other countries.
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